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A key objective of the FDP was to "make the benefits of the research and/or development initiatives available to the whole industry". This website provides an summary of the methodology and results of the projects completed. Additional information can be obtained by contacting any regional office of the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

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1R & C Enterprises Port de GraveRefrigerated Spray & Air Chill system (104KB) The installation of an on board crab refrigerated seawater chill system.
3Green Seafoods WintertonValue-Added Production of Sea Urchin Roe for the Japanese Market (290KB)A specialist from Japan assisted the company in implementing grading and packaging standards.
5Aqua Shell Processors Ltd. Cape FreelsProcessing Discarded Crab Shell (67KB)New crab shell processing equipment incorporating "shell" cooking, de-watering, crushing, boiling and drying.
7Polar Seafoods (Canada) Ltd. Corner BrookDevelop and Test-Market Value-Added Shrimp Products (352KB)Development and test-marketing of value-added shrimp products, including "Cold Water Shrimp Ring" and "Cold Water Shrimp au Gratin."
12Dept. of Biochemistry, MUN St. John'sChitosan Yield & Quality as affected by Varying Raw MaterialsStudy the quality of yield from local shrimp and crab shell as raw material for chitin/chitosan processing, which may act as a food preservative.
17Newfoundland Aqua Products Inc. RameaProduct Development and Marketing of Seaweed (118KB)Developing strategies to expand product line and increase market presence of seaweed products, including internet marketing, labelling, packaging and advertising.
18Cape St. Mary's Enterprises Witless BayCrabshell Crushing and Drying PlantCrushing and drying crab and shrimp shells with a new dryer and wind knife blower to reduce operational costs and produce a better product.
24Marinus Bio Resources WesleyvilleLive Harvesting, Blood Extraction and MarketingA number of changes to provide for live fish capture and processing; improving the extraction of blood from live fish and marketing live fish.
46Bell Island Ventures Inc. Bell IslandSea Urchin ProcessingIn co-operation with a Japanese partner, develop technology, packaging and training related to specialized sea urchin roe products.
55Newfoundland Seafood Market Council St. John'sMarket Development of Coldwater ShrimpDevelopment of a marketing program for coldwater shrimp including international customer research, advertising and promotional materials.
59Marine Institute St. John'sPilot Scale production of Shrimp SilageExamination of results from “ensiling” fish and shrimp waste materials, that is grinding the waste, adding an organic acid, and determining marketing opportunities.
60Southern Labrador Development Association Red Bay, LBExperimental Seafood SmokerAssessing the viability of a seafood smoking operation for Red Bay, including methods, products, markets, costs and benefits.
61Calvin Petten Coley's PointInstallation of RSW System (110KB)Installing a refrigerated sea water system in a crab fishing vessel, including a comparative analysis of systems.
63Fisheries Association of Newfoundland and Labrador St. John'sDevelop Video for Shrimp-Onboard/Discharge handling (88KB)A video on shrimp handling onboard a vessel, featuring a tow, net haul back, onboard quality issues, stowage, and off-loading.
64Fisheries Association of Newfoundland and Labrador St. John'sDevelop Video for Crab-Onboard/Discharge handling (104KB)A video on crab onboard and discharge handling, showing pot dumping, onboard quality issues, stowage and off-loading.
66Fish Harvesters' Resource Centre St. John'sResearch Non-Lethal Roe Extraction from LumpfishA literature search of non-lethal roe extraction methods, sea trials and analysis, and an investigation of possible uses for lumpfish carcasses.
67Beothic Fish Processors Limited ValleyfieldDevelop Markets in Mexico for Underutilized Species (65KB)Market exploration for various seafoods in Mexico, especially underutilized species, and including direct promotion to selected retailers.
76Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & Labrador and Fish Food & Allied Workers St. John'sDeliver Shrimp Quality Improvement Workshop (88KB)Seminar series at 10 locations in the Province targeting quality improvements in the shrimp fishery from dockside handling to plant operations.
84Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture South and West CoastsExploratory Fishing - Atlantic King Crab (760KB)Exploratory fishery for Atlantic King Crab in non-traditional areas off the south and west coast of the island over a 20 day charter.
89Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & Labrador and Fish Food & Allied Workers St. John'sSnow Crab Quality Workshops (104KB)A series of one-day shrimp and snow crab quality workshop series involving harvesters, processors, handlers and truckers.
103Grand Bank Sea Treasures Grand BankProduct Development - Value Added Seafood (60KB)Reviewing the potential for secondary processing at Grand Bank, especially around mussels and shellfish, as well as improving market information.
105Lower Trinity South Development Association Trinity BaySeaweed Biomass AssessmentAn assessment of the biomass, with a literature review and a survey, to identify the potential for harvesting seaweed around Trinity Bay.
120Eastern Fish Markets CarmanvilleSilage Market InvestigationInvestigating market opportunities for silage with specific companies, including providing new information.
121Quality Bait Services Hr. GraceEstablish a Bait Manufacturing OperationEstablish a bait manufacturing plant to make bait from fish discards utilizing a patented process.
122Atlantic Marine Products Inc. ClarenvilleInvestigate Export of Dressed Seal Skins (92KB)Investigate markets for seal pelts outside Canada, especially in Asia and Europe.
123New Found Foods Inc. Portugal CoveMarket Development Initiatives for Value-Added SeafoodDevelop label concepts, improve productivity in the plant, and generally refine various secondary fish products like mussels in sauce and salmon pastry.
124Fogo Island Co-op SeldomMarket ExplorationDevelop marketing opportunities for local seafood in The Peoples Republic of China.
128Department of Fisheries and AquacultureMarine by-products workshopTo conduct a workshop on the usage of marine by-products.
137Quinlan Brothers Bay de VerdeCrab & Shrimp Cook Water Extract (69KB)Refining equipment and processes to make concentrated stock from crab and shrimp cook water, in conjunction with a Japanese partner.
149Higdon's Seafoods Ltd.New HarbourMarketing and Promotion of Value- Added Mussels (65KB)To expand the market for their line of frozen, vacuum-packed mussel products in United States Markets.
151Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture St. John'sExperimental Fishery - Porcupine Crab with Pots (644KB)Conducting exploratory trials to develop a porcupine crab fishery involving major crab processor and major marketer.
155FFAW St. John'sAuction System Feasibility StudyTo evaluate an auction system for the lobster fishery on the West and Southwest coasts.
161Atlantic Shell Fish Inc. ClarenvilleQuality Improvement Imitation Crab (51KB)Research, development and training to improve the quality characteristics of surimi products.
166Shawmut Fisheries Witless BayCrab Liver ExtractionThe extraction, packaging and review of crab livers for a potential market in Japan.
181Marine Institute AlaskaDesign and Test a Collapsible Cod TrapExploration of fishery in Alaska, especially a collapsible cod trap used by small vessels.
184Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureTesting a new whelk pot design (151KB)A new whelk pot design was tested on The Great Northern Peninsula and in White Bay.
185All Material Product Inc. (AMPI) Isle aux MortsHarvesting/Processing/Marketing of SeaweedTo examine the development of several new products, like seaweed in mustard sauce and a new dog biscuit.
194Green Seafoods WintertonProduce Secondary & Value-Added Mussel/Crab ProductsTo develop value-added products from mussels and underutilized crab species like toad, rock and spiny crab.
198Fish Harvesters' Resource Centre St. John'sProduce Series of TV Programs "The Fishery Now" opens new windowTo produce 13 half-hour television shows called “The Fishery Now” to be shown on a local television network.
204MUN St. John'sHealth Benefits of Seal Oil (62KB)To conduct research into the health benefits of sea oil, particularly as it relates to inflammatory diseases.
206Gambo-Indian Bay Development AssociationSea urchin roe developmentTo review development possibilities for sea urchin roe.
221Eric Banfield Bay L'ArgentHerring Wing Trap Harvest (520KB)To demonstrate the use of a herring wing trap as an alternative to traditional methods of harvesting herring in Fortune Bay.
233Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture LabradorShrimp Beam Trawl Survey (132KB)To demonstrate the use of beam trawl and pot technology for shrimp along the South and North Labrador coast.
241Atlantic Marine products Inc. CatalinaEquipment Purchase for Tannery (92KB)The purchase of two “wet drums” to wash seal pelts for final tanning and to buy a buffing machine used to refine the leather side of the finished tanned pelt.
248Carino Ltd. Dildo SouthSecondary Processing of Seal Skins (68KB)Purchase and installation of a pelt shaving machine and training staff on its use.
249Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John'sIncorporation of Omega-3 Fatty Acids into Egg YolksTo conduct experiments with seal oil and laying hens to determine effect of seal oil on egg product qualities.
250Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture St. John's9 Cod Grow-Out Projects for 2000/01 (173KB)To conduct nine cod grow-out projects through 2000-2001 to address problems that currently hinder development.
251Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & Labrador St. John'sCod Grading Pilot ProjectA pilot project to review an acceptable commercial dockside grading system, including the impact of water temperature and developing a “cod quality” handbook.
252Fisheriers Association of Newfoundland and Labrador St. John'sCod Quality Improvement WorkshopA seminar series to identify quality issues related to the cod fishery, especially for harvesters, off-loading companies, truckers and fish plant personnel.
260Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Southern Harbour and St. John'sAwareness of Gillnet Environmental Impacts (874KB)To reduce the loss of gillnets and their damage to the oceans by informing fishers of their impact and demonstrating their destructiveness in a Placentia Bay survey.
270Caboto Seafoods Ltd.Market development for seal productsTo conduct market investigation and development for seal products.
273#1Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture LabradorToad Crab Exploratory Survey (103KB)An exploratory survey for toad crab along the Labrador coast to determine distribution, abundance and potential commercial catch rates.
273#2Dept. of Fisheries and Aquaculture LabradorToad Crab Biological Study (106KB)A study to establish a size profile of the toad crab in the Labrador Straits area.
275Burgeo Diversification Development Board South CoastSea Urchin SurveyA resource identification project for sea urchins along the South coast to see if sufficient quantities exist for a commercial harvest.
279Marine Institute New Zealand/ AustraliaProcessing Workers' ProfessionalizationA review of seafood processing workers professionalization models in Australia and New Zealand which could be used to help develop a suitable model in this Province.
280Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Aspen CoveLobster By-Catch Reduction (1.8 MB)To investigate various changes to existing rock crab pots to determine the best design and reduce lobster by-catch.
281Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans La ScieShrimp Trawling & Snow Crab Resource (874KB)To determine if shrimp trawling results in injury or mortality to snow crab.
282Green Seafoods Ltd. WintertonMaximizing Value of Labour - Sea Urchin Processing (290KB)To introduce a 300 gram wooden tray for sea urchin packaging designed especially for the Japanese market.
283Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Port de Grave and St. John'sNewfoundland Snow Crab Fishery Conservation Harvesting & Video/BrochureTo develop a video and brochure on improving the handling and holding of live snow crab at sea.
284Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans CanadaDanish Net Seine Selectivity Port aux Basques (37KB)To determine the most effective codend mesh size to reduce the catch of small Greysole from the Danish Seine net.
285Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Conne RiverImpact of Catch and Release on Atlantic Salmon Stocks (290KB)To evaluate the impact of hook and release practices on Atlantic salmon stocks.
286Department of Fisheries and AquacultureWestern Region Initiatives #1 - Icelandic Scallop Survey (164KB)
#2 - Sea Urchin Survey (172KB)
Sea urchin, shrimp, Islandic scallop surveys and a mackerel reel technology transfer project will be conducted.
288Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sConservation Harvesting Technology - Videotape LibraryA collection of some 150 video tapes on environmental awareness, conservation technology and related topics be prepared and placed in 18 locations around the Province.
289Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans O'Donnells, St. Mary's BayRedfish Otter Trawl size Selectivity (224KB)To test the ability of the “Ex-it” system to reduce the catch of small fish in the redfish otter trawl.
290Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Trout RiverReduction of cod By-Catch in 4R American Plaide Gillnets (874KB)To test the use of modified gillnets to reduce the cod by-catch in the 4R gillnet fishery.
291Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada St. John'sNorth Atlantic Conference on Responsible Fishing (874KB)To conduct a conference on responsible fishing in the North Atlantic including people from the rim countries.
292Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Bay L'Argent, Fortune BayBy-Catch Reduction in Shrimp Beam Trawls (196KB)To determine the impact on shrimp catches and by-catches when toggle and chains are lengthened on shrimp beam trawls.
293Southern Labrador Development AssociationAmerican Eel Harvesting Pilot Program (111KB)To initiate and coordinate an American Eel Harvesting Pilot project in the Labrador Straits area.
297Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Nipper's HarbourTurbot Otter Trawl Size Selectivity (<65') (874KB)To test the use of small mesh in the forepart of a turbot otter trawl for its effectiveness in reducing the catch of small turbot.
298Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Port de GraveShrimp Trawl Bottom Impact (874KB)To see if semi-midwater technology will reduce the impact of shrimp trawlines on the seabed and result in less fuel consumption.
299Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada LumsdenCrab By-Catch Reduction in Turbot Gillnets (254KB)To test suspended turbot nets to see if they will reduce snow crab by-catch.
300Bonaventure- English Hr. Dev. Association B. Bay/T. BaySeaweed Biomass AssessmentTo complete a seaweed biomass survey around Trinity and Bonavista Bays to see if there is enough resource for a commercial harvest.
302Dept.. of Fisheries and Aquaculture St. John'sPurchase Kelp Harvesting/Drying EquipmentTo assist in the expansion and further development of a kelp harvesting and processing operation in the Lamaline area.
303Wood-Pick Enterprises WarehamMarket Development of Sea Cucumber (44KB)To develop markets for a new consumer pack of sea cucumber, a vacuum packed, frozen product designed especially for North American ethnic markets.
305Marine Institute St. John'sDesign and Testing of Cod Pots (Phase ll)To test a design of Alaskan cod pots and analyse suitability to local environments by conducting sea trials.
307Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sSnow Crab Survivability (91KB)To compare the industry's standard manner of returning discarded crabs to the ocean with that of alternative treatments.
310Carino Ltd.Seal product developmentUpgrade Dildo South plant with seal oil processing facility.
311Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Isle aux MortsImpact of Marine Plant Harvesting on Resource (1.31 MB)This project seeks to establish protocols for the sustainable harvest of marine plants like kelp in the Province.
314Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Eastport, Bonavista BayResponsible Fishing Module for High Schools (874KB)To introduce the concept of “responsible fishing” to local high school students, based partly on a successful program in British Columbia.
316Shoreline Offloading Ltd., Bonavista BaySanitation of Fishing VesselsTo identify an efficient way to sanitize vessels that will contribute to improving the quality of raw material destined for processing and marketing.
321Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & LabradorCod Video Onboard and Discharge HandlingTo develop a video on the onboard and discharge handling of seafood.
330#1Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & Labrador St. John'sSnow Crab Quality Improvement Workshop (104KB)Continuation of initial series of seminars on snow crab including content on biology, harvesting, proper handling and storage.
330#2Fisheries Association of Newfoundland & Labrador St. John'sShrimp Quality Improvement Workshop (88KB)Continuation of initial series of seminars on shrimp including content on biology, harvesting, proper handling and storage.
334Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sInteractions in the Turbot, Crab, and Shrimp Fisheries (90KB)A two-day workshop at Gander on various gear and by-catch concerns in the turbot, crab and shrimp fisheries.
338Department of Fisheries and AquacultureFDP website developmentTo design and create an operational Web site for FDP and to produce project summaries.
340Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sImpact of Scallop Fishing on Labrador Habitat Workshop (874KB)To conduct a one-day workshop to discuss the possible impact that scallop dragging has on the lobster habitat in Placentia Bay.
341Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sSalmonid By-Catch in Eel Fyke Nets Workshop (184KB)To conduct a one-day workshop on the issue of salmonid by-catch in the commercial eel fyke net fishery.
342Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sUtilization of By-Product Streams from Fish Processing Operations (115KB)To demonstrate ensiling equipment at a number of fish processing sites and taking samples of the end “fish waste” product to potential buyers.
350Beothic Fish Processors Limited VallyfieldValue-Added Toad Crab ProductsTo investigate toad crab processing equipment, produce samples, analyse feedback, consider commercial production.
352NF & LB Fish Harvesters' Fleet (150 Pot) Assoc. St. John'sDevelop & Maintain WebsiteTo develop and maintain a website to allow more effective communications with members.
354Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Assoc. St. John'sMarket Development of Cultured MusselsTo carry out a coordinated, multi-faceted marketing campaign for mussels covering taste-education, presentations, trade shows, direct mail, advertising and promotional material.
355Newfoundland Seafood Market Council St. John'sShrimp Marketing InitiativeTo implement a detailed market development program for coldwater shrimp in the United States and Europe.
356Fish Harvesters' Resource Centre St. John'sNon-Lethal Extraction of Lumpfish Roe (Phase ll)To determine if lumpfish can have their roe removed and be returned alive to the ocean without killing them.
357Ocean Choice Int. Inc. St. John'sMarket Development of Cultured Mussels & Farmed Cod ProductsA multifaceted market development initiative in the United States and Europe to create demand for frozen mussel products and farmed cod.
358#1Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sToad Crab Surveys Conducted (157KB)To survey the toad crab resources available in Outer St. Mary's Bay and on the St. Pierre Bank.
358#2Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sRock Crab Surveys in Placentia and Fortune Bays (94KB)To survey the rock crab resources available in Placentia and Fortune Bay.
358#2BDept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John's Rock Crab Survey - Western Newfoundland (114KB)To study the Rock Crab resource in o the West Coast of Newfoundland
358#3Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sWhelk Surveys Conducted (212KB)
St. Pierre Bank and Outer Bonavista Bay Areas
To survey the whelk resources available on St. Pierre Bank and Outer Bonavista Bay Areas.
358#3BDept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sWhelk Survey South Coast of Labrador (70KB)Exploratory survey White Point to St. Lewis Labrador
358#3CDept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sInshore and Nearshore Whelk Survey (116KB)Exploratory survey - Isle Aux Mort, Sops Arm, Cow Hear and Frey Islands areas.
358#4Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sSea Cucumber (140KB)To survey the sea cucumber resources available.
359Atlantic Shellfish Inc., ClarenvillePurchase Specialized Imitation Crab Processing Equipment (61KB)To install specialized imitation crab processing equipment to improve throughput at their Clarenville plant.
363Ramea Economic Development Assoc. South CoastSea Urchin Biomass StudyTo conduct a survey for sea urchins around Ramea Islands to see if enough quantity, appropriate size and desired quality exists for a commercial harvest.
364Earl Johnson North HarbourStudy of Catamaran TechnologyTo establish a working group to review under 35 foot catamarans now used in the United Kingdom being used off Newfoundland and Labrador.
367Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Port aux ChoixCapelin & Juvenile Groundfish By- Catch in Shrimp TrawlsTo study technology and methods whereby the shrimp fleet might reduce its by-catch of caplin and juvenile groundfish.
368Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans Canada Glovertown, Charlottetown, and BurgeoBy-Catch in Herring Bait Nets (105KB)To experiment with ways to determine if herring nets can be fished without by-catch using different bait net designs.
371Furlong Brothers Ltd. opens new window, Plate Cove WestDevelop and Maintain WebsiteTo develop and maintain a Web site with e-commerce capabilities to enable customers to order seafood products via the Internet.
373Bay of Islands South Shore Development AssociationGreen Sea Urchin Biomass Assessment (110KB)To conduct a 40-day green sea urchin biomass study in the Bay of Islands.
374Fisheries and Oceans CanadaCod Trap Size SelectivityTo study cod trap size selectivity by contracting the Fish Harvesters Resource Centre.
376Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sSpecies Profile SheetsTo hire a graduate student to compile species profile sheets on species that have more recently become part of the fishery.
379Fish Harvesters' Resource Centre St. John'sThe Fishery Now - 2001opens new windowTo produce a Province-wide 13-series TV program on NTV called “The Fishery Now”.
381Fisheries and Oceans CanadaJuvenille Turbot By-catch in Shrimp TrawlsTo conduct research on juvenille turbot by-catch in shrimp trawls.
383Nfld. Aquaculture Industry Assoc.Strategic DevelopmentImplementing a strategic development plan for the Newfoundland and Labrador Aquaculture industry.
384Fisheries and Oceans CanadaComparison of turbot longlines and gilnets.To compare catch rates and environmental benefits of the two technologies in the turbot industry.
385Newfoundland and Labrador Aquaculture Industry AssociationQuality Assurance & Standards for Mussel Industry (70KB)To develop quality assurance standards for the Newfoundland mussel industry, in conjunction with the Marine Institute.
386Nfld. Aqua Products Ltd.Clinical Trials for SeaweedClinical trials for kelp products, including getting Drug Identification Numbers.
390Department of Fisheries and AquacultureSnow crab selectivity (92KB)To determine the effects that installing plastic collars on snow crab pots has on the amount of undersized and soft shell snow crab pots landed.
391Irish Loop Regional Economic Development Board, TrepasseyExploratory Fishing - sculpinsTo identify the potential for harvesting sculpins, the most efficient processing techniques and the market potential.
392Wood-pick Enterprises, WarehamMarket and product development (185KB)Product development and marketing of seal, herring mackerel, mussels and smoked salmon in China.
393Fisheries Association of Newfoundland and LabradorTurbot Quality Pilot ProjectTo conduct a turbot quality project involving grading the project.
394Dept. of Fisheries & Aquaculture St. John'sTravel to UK for Study of Catamaran TechnologyTo study catamaran technology by traveling to the United Kingdom to explore suitability for the local under 35 feet inshore fleet.
395Applied Preservation Technology Inc., St. John'sDevelop and Market Carotenoprotein (59KB)To develop and market carotenoprotein and chiton/chitosan from waste shell material in partnership with Grand Atlantic Seafoods Inc.
397Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans St. John'sAmerican Plaice By-Catch On Longlines (233KB)To investigate American Plaice by-catch reduction in the cod longline fishery.
398Department of Fisheries and AquacultureHigh Strength Shrimp Beam Trawl (125KB)To design and fabricate a cost-effective, high-strength, low-weight, water-tight beam for use in the shrimp beam trawl fishery that is superior to what is currently available.
404Fisheries and Marine Institute of MUNFisheries and Marine Awareness in High Schools (94KB)To adapt the Marine Technology 2128 high school course for distance delivery.
406Fogo Island Co-opProcessing Sea CucumberThe Fogo Island Co-operative will retain the services of a technician to train workers in processing sea cucumber for the Asian market.
407Burgeo Diversification Development BoardSea Urchin InitiativeTo provide assistance for the transportation of sea urchins to Green Seafoods for quality assessment and to study commercial viability of shipping the product from the Burgeo area.
409Fisheries and Oceans CanadaPromotion of Environmental Awareness & Conservation HarvestingWorkshops will be held for the promotion of environmental awareness and conservation harvesting technology.  This process began in 2001 and will conclude in 2003.
411Fred Saunders (F&S Enterprises Ltd.)Purchase RSWA refrigerated seawater system(RSW) will be installed on a new 34'11'' vessel.
413Earl JohnsonCatamaran (103KB)A 35 foot catamaran fishing vessel will be purchased and demonstrated in a variety of fisheries.
416Dept. of Fisheries & AquaculturePromotion of Projects Under Emerging Fisheries ComponentA series of workshops will be held, in conjunction with DFO, to promote the results of projects carried out under the Fisheries Diversification Program.
420Quality Bait ServicesTest Kitchen for $ & DQuality Bait Services will establish a test kitchen to conduct in-house research and development on fishery bait and formulated feed products.
421 DFAProcessing & Marketing Initiative
  1. Experimental Processing and Marketing of Rock Shrimp (86KB)
  2. Product and Market Development of under 55 count Shrimp (67KB)
  3. Production and Marketing of Jellyfish (62KB)
  4. Development of Lobster Products(87KB)
A series of product and market development projects will be carried out. The species targeted are shrimp, jellyfish, seal, lobster and whelk.
423Coast of Bay CorporationSea Urchin Biomass StudySea Urchin resource biomass survey from McCallum to Small Bay.
424#1Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureRock Crab Survey - Western Newfoundland (114KB)To study the Rock Crab resource in o the West Coast of Newfoundland
424#2Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureWhelk Resource Survey/ Onboard Handling (106KB)To study the abundance of whelk on the St. Pierre Bank and investigate on-board handling during a trip type fishery.
424#3Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureSea Cucumber Dive Harvest / Gear Testing and Design (119KB)Exploratory fishing for Sea Cucumber in areas of Bonavista Bay and Notre Dame Bay
424#4Dept. of Fisheries and AquaculturePeriwinkle Quality Analysis (66KB)To examine the quality aspects of periwinkle harvested on the Burin Peninsula.
424#5Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureJellyfish Exploratory Survey (129KB)Exploratory fishing for jellyfish in Trinity Bay
424#6Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureSea Urchin and Sea Cucumber Exploratory Survey - South Labrador Coast (115KB)Exploratory Survey from Williams Harbour to North Head
424#7Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureRock Shrimp Survey - North Coast of Labrador (100KB)To determine an effective gear type and to document catch rates along the North Coast of Labrador
424#8Dept. of Fisheries and AquacultureShrimp Beam Trawl Gear Profile (119KB)To research and document designs of equipment used in the shrimp beam trawl fishery.
426Atlantic Shell Fish Inc.Marketing of Value-Added SeafoodA full-time co-ordinator will be hired and promotional fact sheets and posters will be produced. In addition, the company will participate in local and national food shows to promote their imitation crab products.
427Newfoundland Aqua VenturesCod HatcheryNewfoundland Aqua Ventures will install a water disinfection system in a newly constructed cod hatchery operation.
428Newfoundland Seafood Market CouncilColdwater Shrimp Marketing InitiativeThe NSMC will implement an awareness and promotional campaign for cold water shrimp.
433DFOSnow Crab Survivability - Phase IIAn evaluation of methods to reduce mortality of snow crab released from crab vessels.
434DFO At sea bottom trawl experiments to reduce juvenile yellowtail and American Plaice by-catch.
435DFOEffectAt sea, large vessel bottom trawl experiments will be conducted to determine the effect that Chafing Gear has on otter trawl selectivity.
437DFOGillnetting - Best PracticesA 20 minute video will be produced to illustrated the "Best Practices" for the use of gillnets by 20 to 35 vessels.
451DFOCrab By-Catch in the Danish/Scottish Seine Net FisheryA survey will be conducted in Bay St. George to determine areas where grey sole can be harvested without crab by-catch.
452Grand Atlantic SeafoodsExtraction of CarotenoproteinExtraction of protein from crab/shrimp shells.

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