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With funding from the Environmental Awareness and Conservation Technology component of the federal-provincial Fisheries Diversification Program*, The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada has revamped the video library system established in the mid-1980's in department field offices and public libraries throughout the province.

The new video libraries will be set up in DFO Area Offices and Detachment Offices (plus several local Satellite Offices in some remoter areas), and the Province's Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture headquarters and field offices.

Each location currently has 64 video-tapes. Because in many cases two or more short videos on a similar topic have been included on one tape, the 64 tapes contain a total of nearly 120 videos.

Topics covered by the videos include fish species, fisheries development, fishing methods, vessel maintenance and repair, fish processing, navigational aids, aquaculture, etc. The main focus of the libraries, however, is responsible fishing and the environmental impact of fishing technologies. Many of the individual videos, while focusing on particular species, fisheries and fishing methods, discuss such topics as fisheries conservation and related gear technologies and fishing methods, as well as fisheries habitat and habitat protection.

Tapes are loaned, free of charge, for a period of up to one week, to fishermen, fish processors, development associations, educators and students, and the general public.

*The $10 million Fisheries Diversification Program is part of the $81.5 million Canada-Newfoundland Agreement respecting the Economic Development Component of the Canadian Fisheries Adjustment and Restructuring Initiative, announced in August, 1999. The main thrust of the Fisheries Diversification Program is industry-wide research and development initiatives that reflect the economic/development priorities of the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry.


The Newfoundland Capelin Fishery 12 min (1986)
Science and Technology in Codfish Processing 19 min (1991)
Salmon Enhancement Program - Exploits River

From CBC's "Land and Sea", a review of about two decades of work by DFO to restore salmon stocks on the lower Exploits and establish a self-sustaining stock on the huge upper portion of the Exploits watershed.

25 min (1987)
Primary Processing of Lumpfish Roe 17 min (1987)
Fishing Gear and Fish Behaviour: An Underwater Observation 12 min (1986)
Makin' Squid - Revival of an Old Industry 21 min (1980)
Trashing the Oceans

Shows the damage done to the water and to various forms of marine life, including seabirds, by the continuous dumping of trash into the world's oceans.

9 min (1988)
Stewards of Our Oceans

Overview of DFO's role in protecting and managing Canada's ocean resources.

12 min (1989)
Longline Fishing and Longline Bait Research 29 min (1988)
The Night of the Black Moon

A video on eels and eel fishing.

24 min (1988)
The Scallop Fishery - Labrador Straits 30 min (1985)
Care of Your Outboard 13 min (1987)
Fiberglass Boat Repair (Reinforcing) 8 min (1991)
Fiberglass Boat Repair (Gelcoat Repairs) 6 min (1991)
Canadian Seal - "Naturally Beneficial" 17 min (1997)
Seal Industry Development Council 12 min (1999)
Canadian Program for Responsible Fishing 21 min (1994)
Scottish Seining

History of Scottish seining to 1984.

16 min (1984)
Pair Trawling

Detailed look at a Nova Scotia pair trawling operation using two 42' vessels.

9 min (1984)
Marine Weather Forecasting 12 min (1984)
The Sole Source

A look at the development of the flatfish fishery in the Gulf of Alaska.

21 min (1990)
Nav Aids and Harvesting

Shows how modern navigational aids can be used to improve the efficiency of fishing vessel operations, saving time, fuel and money.

21 min (1994)
The D N G Jigging Reel 7 min (1987)
Reduction of Fish By-catch in Shrimp Trawls

Use of a sorting grid to reduce by-catch in Norwegian coastal and offshore shrimp trawling operations.

21 min (1989)
People of the Sea

Narrated by Provincial wildlife biologist Shane Mahoney, this beautiful, award-winning film talks about the importance of the ocean's resources, especially capelin, to the people of this province.

49 min (1999)
Small Fishing Vessel Safety 17 min (1989)
Fishing Vessel Stability 14 min (1984)
The Kynoc Case 13 min (1990)
Trout Stream

Excellent National Film Board study of the eastern brook trout.

10 min (1961)
The Atlantic Salmon

Excellent National Film Board study of the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon; includes discussion of salmon research and the use of fishways in salmon stock conservation and restoration.

30 min (1979)
Atlantic Salmon - "Fight for Survival"

Filmed on the Mersey River, Nova Scotia - discusses the impact of hydro and industrial development.

15 min (70's)
Black Brook Incubation Facility

Shows the operation of DFO's salmon egg incubation facility on Black Brook, on the Baie Verte Peninsula.

32 min (1994)
The Future is in Your Hands

Techniques and equipment for successful catch-and-release salmon angling.

9 min (1994)
Labrador River Trap Fishery for Arctic Char

Both English and Inuktituk versions presented.

21 min (1992)
Labrador Salmon

Shows salmon angling on a Labrador river; discusses salmon conservation issues.

27 min (1995)
Return of a River

About the restoration and preservation of Rennies River, in St. John's, this beautifully filmed video is an excellent portrayal of the importance of maintaining different kinds of natural ecosystems in and around urban areas.

52 min (1996)
Saltfish processing - A New Look at an Old Industry 18 min (1987)
The Production of High Quality Salt Cod 38 min (1991)
Fresh Fish 12 min (1985)
Fundamentals of Fish Filleting  13 min (1989)
Baader 184 PK Machine 4 min (1993)
PBR 960 Pinbone Remover 7 min (1993)
Parasensors PS 100 Machine 3 min (1993)
Pinbone Remover - Salmon 3 min (1993)
Icelandic V-cut Method 6 min (1993)
Aquaculture 18 min (1991)
Aquaculture - "New World of Opportunity"

Outlines opportunities in cold water aquaculture development in Newfoundland and Labrador.

10 min (1993)
Cod Growout Project 97 19 min (1997)
Mussel Growing Step By Step 30 min (1988)
Aquaculture Site Marking

How to carry out aquaculture site marking so that growers and other water users can co-exist.

24 min (1998)
Harvesting Sea Urchins in Newfoundland 28 min (1997)
Sea Urchin Processing - Maine and New Brunswick 30 min (1994)
Fish Behaviour to an Otter Trawl 53 min (1982)
Harvesting the Shelf

Overview of Canada's introduction and implementation of the 200-mile limit.

56 min (1980)
Development of the Cod Trap

This is a sound-on-slide show transferred to video.

15 min (1982)
Advanced Cod Trap Construction 20 min (1988)
Surimi Production of Japan 11 min (1984)
Surimi - An American Opportunity 10 min (1985)
Production of Imitation Crab Legs 12 min (1983)
Shellfish and Your Microwave 24 min (1983)
Calamar Preparation and Cuisine

How to clean and cook squid.

29 min (1983)
Underwater Research in the North Atlantic: Fishermen's Battle

Lost gillnets, and other things affecting fish habitat. Produced by the University of Connecticut, USA.

59 min (1988)
Sustainable Development and the Ecosystem Approach

Two short videos: "Sustainable Development" and "Earth's Harmony: An Argument for Changing the Way We Think".

18 min (1993)
For the Right Reasons

Discussion of the concept of Marine Conservation Areas.

19 min (1998)
The survival of Fish Escaping from Cod-ends 10 min (1991)
Square Mesh Windows in Prawn Trawls 7 min (1991)
Square Mesh Cod Ends 9 min (1991)
Fishing for the future: Improving Gear Selectivity 10 min (1993)
Fishing Gear Selectivity on the Great Lakes 9 min (1992)
Scottish Seining Selectivity Project 7 min (1993)
Conservation Methods 12 min (1988)
Selectivity of Fishing Gear 17 min (1993)
Lastridge Rope Selectivity Program - Gulf of St. Lawrence 15 min (1994)
Mortality in the Shrimp Fishery

Video produced in Iceland, about the survival of small fish escaping through the small mesh of shrimp trawls.

16 min (1994)
By-Catch Reduction - Northern Shrimp Fishery 10 min (1993)
Mesh Size Selectivity Trials - Northern Shrimp Fishery 16 min (1993)
Shrimp Size Selectivity Project

Reducing by-catch and the retention of small shrimp, using the Nordmore Grate and a size sorting grid.

7 min (1996)
The Science and Conservation of Greenland Halibut (Turbot) 44 min (1995)
Longline 25 min (1990)
Longlines - An Undersea Investigation

Underwater film of fishing halibut with circle hooks.

15 min (1984)
Capelin Fishery, Conception Bay 28 min (1988)
The Great Capelin Chase

The capelin fishery from Bonavista Bay to White Bay.

26 min (1989)
Newfoundland - The Coming of the Capelin

Discusses the importance of capelin in the marine food chain; factors that affect capelin stocks; drastic impacts that a collapse of this key species might have.

26 min (1990)
Capelin Handling and Processing in Newfoundland and Labrador 25 min (1993)
Life Aboard the Kinguk

Shrimp trawler operation in the Arctic, with mainly Inuit crew.

11 min (1991)
Flume Tank Tests - 938 x 6 cm Twin Trawl 8 min (1996)
Introduction of Twin Trawl Technology to the Newfoundland Inshore Shrimp Fishery 10 min (1997)
NorthernShrimp - Quality Handling Processes 20 min (2000)
SnowCrab - Quality Handling Processes 23 min (2000)
FibreglassBoat Repair 60 min (1989)
Harvestingfor Quality - A Guide for Canadian Sealers 35 min (1990)
KillerWhales - Wolves of the Sea 60 min (1993)
Gettingto Know the Whales of Newfoundland and Labrador 42 min (1994)

About whales in Newfoundland waters, and theproblems they sometimes pose for fishermen.

28 min (1981)
Whalesand Fishing Gear - Prevention and Release

Jon Lien, founder of Memorial University'sWhale Research Group, discusses the problem of whale entrapment infishing gear, and the group's work on solving that problem.

22 min (1993)
Chartsand Chartmakers

(Not up-to-date with latest technology, butotherwise accurate in its depiction of the methods and processesused in producing navigational charts.)

12 min (1982)

Electronic charting system designed toenable fish harvesters to pinpoint sea bottom features.

10 min (1990)
"OceanMapping" - (Land and Sea - cbc tv) 24 min

Looks at the physical and behaviouralcharacteristics of sharks, and the Japanese shark fishingindustry.

58 min (1984)
Comparingthe Newfoundland and Iceland Fisheries

Candid discussion of two very differentpolitical and economic approaches to the fishing industry.

43 min (1994)

Looks at the various types of commerciallongline fish hook designs.

10 min (1991)
FeatherHook Construction 15 min (1991)
FeatherHook Longlining

From NTV's "The Twine Loft", withMarine Institute's Jan Negrijn.

26 min (1992)
IncomeTax Services 40 min (1991)
TheNewfoundland Bluefin Tuna Fishery 17 min (1991)

From CBC TV's "Country Canada"series, a look at British Columbia's black cod fishery.

10 min (1992)
RockWeed - A Nova Scotia Treasure 9 min (1995)
SalmonidHabitat Improvement - Vol l

Habitat improvement techniques.

47 min (1994)
SalmonidHabitat Improvement - Vol ll

More habitat improvement techniques.

31 min (1995)
PamehecBrook - A Fish Habitat Restoration Success Story

Restoration of a section of brook that hadbeen diverted 20 years ago for log-driving.

9 min (1992)
TheAtlantic Lobster

Underwater observations.

11 min (1987)
Lobsters- Underwater Research in the North Atlantic 59 min (1987)
SizingUp Southern Gulf Lobster 16 min (1989)
"InOur Own Hands" - Eastport 10 min
"Towingthe Line" - Eastport

The Eastport videos document how locallobster fishermen, with the help of DFO, have developed their ownlocal lobster conservation program.

12 min
Crisisin the Fisheries - Public Forum (cbc tv) 55 min (1989)
"Problemsin the Fishery" - ("The Nature of Things" - cbc tv) 45 min (1992)
VanishingPoint - Fishing Dangerously on the Grand Banks (ntv)

Historical overview of northern cod, fromearly European fishery to the imposition of the 1992 moratorium.

49 min (1992)
"TakingStock" (National Film Board)

Historical overview of the northern codfishery.

48 min (1994)
"Landand Sea - 25 Years" (cbc tv) 85 min (1990)

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