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Guidelines for Writing Project Proposals

These guidelines are designed to assist in providing a framework for proposal development for the Seafood Innovation and Transition Program Overview. It is a guide only, and is not meant to be all-inclusive.

Project Description and Background

The proposal should include all relevant details of the project including:

  • Detailed description of proponent's enterprise/organization
  • Detailed description of project including:
    • Background
    • Need for the project
    • Objectives of the project and how they are compatible with the objectives of SITP
    • Information on the resource if applicable
    • Work plan and timelines for the project
    • Industry-wide benefits of the project (immediate and long-term)
    • Employment creation
    • Technical information on the project, i.e. equipment or processes involved (volumes, rates, product types, uniqueness, etc.)
    • Market information if applicable
    • Issues with federal/provincial policies and management plans if applicable

Organizational Structure and Management Abilities

  • Management experience for the project
  • Identify project team indicating:
    • Key function of each member
    • Skills and experience of each member
  • Include information on other successful projects undertaken by proponent if applicable
  • Identify partnership arrangements if applicable
  • Attach terms of reference or consultancy proposals if applicable


  • Identify what these are for the proponent including information on project reporting format, i.e. interim report, final report, DVD, fishing logs, etc.


  • Detailed breakdown of the various cost components of the project budget
  • Identify all funding sources for the project, including any “in-kind” contributions, as well as proponent's contribution
  • Attach price quotations where possible

Other Information to Include if Applicable

  • Letters of support
  • Copies of relevant contracts and memoranda of understanding, including lease agreements

All proposals must be accompanied by a completed and signed application.

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