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Seafood Innovation and Transition Program

seafood innovation and transition program

The primary objective of the Seafood Innovation and Transition Program is to provide support for our fishery and aquaculture industries to enable these industries to remain competitive. Particular emphasis will be placed on the transition from a predominately shellfish to a groundfish fishery. Key dimensions of this program will concentrate on advancements in harvesting and processing, while addressing research and development, and strategic market opportunities. This program will strategically focus on: Revitalization of the Groundfish fishery, Innovation and Technology, Aquaculture and Fisheries Research and Development, and Strategic Market Initiatives.

Emphasis will be placed on supporting the fishing industry to make the transition from shellfish to groundfish, throughout all sections of the value chain. This program will also support research initiatives to assist our province's seafood industry in remaining sustainable and viable in the context of a changing ocean regime.  Specifically, the program will support strategic, innovative, and collaborative research that enhances knowledge of both traditional and emerging species, while informing sustainable fisheries decision-making processes. The program will support the fishing and aquaculture industries in adopting efficient harvesting, processing, and handling technology to ensure increased utilization and higher returns.

These initiatives will help ensure the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing and aquaculture industries continue to be major economic contributors to the provincial economy. Information on the program, such as the application and brochure, are available on our website.

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