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Fisheries and Aquaculture

Compliance and Enforcement Division

The Division was created in May 2005 to:

  • separate enforcement from the development and implementation of fish licensing policy and
  • bring the department's enforcement activities up the standards of a law enforcement function.


The Division is responsible and accountable for:

  • Ensuring consistent and fair application of enforcement measures across regions;
  • The management and administration of the compliance and enforcement programs delivered through headquarters and regional and district offices;
  • Policy direction and support to inspection staff on compliance and enforcement of the Fish Inspection Act and regulations, and ministerial directives;
  • Coordinating fish inspection activity by inspection staff, in consultation with the regions;
  • Providing enforcement measures including: formal warnings, ticketing, administrative penalties and court proceedings;
  • Providing technical advice and direction to inspection staff on inspection and enforcement procedures;
  • Ensuring that evidence and case files are gathered and maintained in an effective and secure manner; and
  • The organization and coordination of audits of fish buyers and processing companies, including financial, production, and purchase statistics.


The Division works closely with:

  • Regional offices
  • Licensing and Quality Assurance Division
  • Department of Justice
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency and other federal departments and agencies


Compliance and Enforcement
Petten Building,
30 Strawberry Marsh Road
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St. John's, NL
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Tel: (709) 729-3717
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