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Each day the Compliance and Enforcement Division works to ensure that wild and farmed seafood products are handled and processed in a safe and clean environment through the Inspection and Enforcement Program. The division also assists the Aquaculture Branch to ensure compliance and enforcement of the Aquaculture Act.

In addition, the division is responsible for the planning, developing, and the coordination of audits of all fish buyers and processors located throughout the province. These audits ensure that each license holder is complying with the Minister's requirements under the Fish Inspection Act, including those laid out in regulations and through Licensing Conditions and Directives.

In April 2009, a new ticketing system was implemented for violations under the Fish Inspection Act and regulations. These violations apply to harvesters, processors, graders, trucking companies and any individual or company handling seafood products.

In 2007, DFA introduced the Quality Compliance and Enforcement Program (QCEP), a modular training program designed to enhance and expand the skills of inspection staff. This program provides Inspectors with class room and hands-on training on compliance and enforcement techniques and quality assessments.

The Compliance and Enforcement Division is committed to work with you, the public and all other stakeholders to ensure seafood is safe for consumption, through inspection and enforcement. The brochures below contain information that summarizes penalties under the Fish Inspection Act; the Powers of Inspectors; harvesting related regulations; and processing related regulations.

Compliance and Enforcement

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Please be advised that the above content on this site does not reflect nor is it intended to reflect the exact wording and content as contained in the Fish Inspection Act or its associated regulations. Nothing herein shall relieve or provide a waiver to any party from any obligation or requirement of that legislation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you conduct yourself or your company in compliance with the legislation. Parties intending to rely on these materials shall please have reference to the Fish Inspection act and its associated regulations for all obligations and requirement to which they may be subject.

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