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Premium Quality Fillets

The Department, in consultation with Industry, has raised the profile of Newfoundland and Labrador fish products in the global marketplace by promoting an emphasis on top quality.

  • As recommended in the Dunne Report, the Department will reactivate an Industry/Government Working Group. This group will focus on quality related issues and will propose strategies to address these concerns.
  • the quality commitment commences when the fish is harvested and continues until the fish is processed, packaged and ready to be shipped to market.
  • the process of raising quality consciousness has evolved over the past five years and has been a significant contributor in the Province recording the highest export value for fish products in our history, (in excess of $1 Billion).

The Division has undertaken several quality assurance initiatives, in partnership with other groups. These include:

  • Comparing different methods of icing bagged shrimp in vessel holds.
  • Comparing stowage heights of bagged whelk onboard vessels.
  • Funding the delivery of Shrimp Sensory Analysis Short Course by the Marine Institute.
  • Developing a quality handbook for seals and whelk.
Premium Production

Some of the factors instrumental in this Quality Enhancement include:

  • Amendments to the Fish Inspection Regulations to focus on:
    • unprocessed fish onboard vessels;
    • transportation; and
    • pre-production areas / holding rooms in processing plants.
  • A series of regional workshops addressing handling practices for key commercial fisheries such as cod, shrimp and snow crab.
  • Revisions to the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act which serve to introduce grade standards in pricing agreements.
  • The enhancement of the Department's inspection capabilities with the hiring of additional inspection officers.
  • Routine consultations with industry associations/organizations to formulate strategies on improving quality.
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