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Application Guidelines

The Applicant will:

The following outlines the process involved in applying for a new license, license transfer or change of ownership.

  • publicly advertise the intent to submit an application in accordance with the policy outlined in Section 6.1 – Advertisement of Applications; and
  • submit application and corresponding fee for a new license (i.e., primary, secondary or aquaculture), license transfer or change of operator.

The Secretariat will:

  • record application for a new license, license transfer or change of operator;
  • ensure application fee is submitted and all required information is included with application;
  • acknowledge receipt and outline the assessment procedure to the applicant;
  • copy application to Board members and the Minister;
  • review application and prepare necessary background and relevant information;
  • seek comments and information from Regional Directors and applicable Branches/Divisions within the Department on the companies and stakeholders involved (comments and information are required within five working days of the request and should include the effect that the new license, transfer or change of operator will have on the communities involved, proposed operating season, employment numbers and employment area, any quality initiatives involved and types of products to be produced);
  • seek comments and relevant information from other government departments and agencies (comments are to be submitted within ten working days);
  • receive and summarize any comments provided by interested parties in response to the public advertisement of the licensing application;
  • compile background information and comments/information from Regional Directors and other departments and agencies and provide copies to the Board and the Minister;
  • handle administration and logistics for public meetings (if required); and
  • put application on the agenda for the next Board meeting, provide Board with an application summary, take minutes and prepare a record of recommendation for submission to the Minister.

The Board will:

  • review application and comments and relevant information from the Secretariat, Regional Directors, other Branches/Divisions and other government departments and agencies, as well as any responses received as a result of the proponent’s public advertisement of the application;
  • hold open public meetings (if required);
  • evaluate the application based on government policy and assessment criteria taking into account all comments and information received from various stakeholders;
  • reach a consensus on a recommendation, but where a consensus cannot be achieved, vote on the application with the final recommendation based on majority rule; and
  • submit record of recommendation to the Minister.

The Minister will:

  • review the recommendation from the Board;
  • make final decision on application;
  • inform applicant of his/her final decision; and
  • publicly release the Board’s recommendation and his/her final decision.

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