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In 2003, the Governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador formed the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Action Team for Cod Recovery. The mandate of the Action Team was to develop a recovery and long-term management strategy for the major cod stocks adjacent to the province, with the primary objective of preventing further declines in the biological status, and contributing to the recovery and sustainable management of the stocks. In 2005, the Action Team published a report entitled “A Strategy for the Recovery and Management of Cod Stocks in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Federal-Provincial Approach”. The report considered factors affecting rebuilding, detailed specific goals and objectives toward rebuilding, and discussed management strategies and research priorities. In response to this report the Government of newfoundland and Labrador initiated a cod recovery program. This program contributes to cod research projects and other iniatives to enhance our understanding of cod stocks and promote sustainable management.

Research in relation to the northern cod stock has been a priority. In partnership with Dr. George Rose of Memorial University of Newfoundland, DFA has funded continued study into the inshore cod population found in the Trinity/Bonavista Bay area. This research provides us with a better understanding of the distribution, growth, health and movement of these fish. The department also partnered with the DFO science branch on projects involving the study of the inshore-offshore migration and mortality rates of northern cod, the identification of important inshore cod habitat, and a nearshore survey to increase the area coverage in the survey program. In the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, DFA has partnered with the FFAW and DFO Science to examine the reproductive rate along with a study on the health of individual fish to help determine the overall condition of this stock. A tagging project using Data Storage Tags has also been funded. These tags record the depth, temperature and location of the fish on a continual basis.

The outcome of this research should result in a better understanding of cod stocks which inhabit waters around Newfoundland and Labrador and improved the management of this resource.

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