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Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program Overview

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The primary objective of the FTNOP program is to provide support for harvesting, processing, and marketing initiatives in order to diversify these activities and increase the overall viability of the Newfoundland and Labrador seafood industry. This program is intended to aid the provincial fishing industry become more innovative and competitive, while building a safer and more stable foundation. These initiatives will help ensure the Newfoundland and Labrador seafood industry continues to be a major economic contributor to the provincial economy.

The focus of the program is research and environmentally sustainable fisheries development work in the harvesting and processing sectors with emphasis on more efficient utilization of traditional species, better use of under-utilized species and enhanced value-realization of all fisheries resources. Emphasis will also be placed on recovery of raw material wastage and reduced discarding of fishery by-products as well as research on ways to improve quality and reduce operating expenditures, such as increasing fuel efficiency, in order to increase returns to the industry. Market research, development and promotion will be undertaken in support of the various initiatives as well as safety initiatives.

The key components of the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program Overview are resource assessments, harvesting technology and innovation, processing technology and innovation, product development and market development. The department supports projects that contribute to the processing, harvesting and marketing sectors.

Project Summaries & Fact Sheets

News Releases about FTNOP

2015 Press releases

February 18, 2015
Codroy Seafoods Inc. Receives $12,180 to Support New Marketing Initiatives

January 8, 2015
Fogo Island Co-Operative Society Receives $54,810 to Install New Sanitation System

2014 Press releases

December 10, 2014
Icewater Seafoods Inc. Receives $200,000 to Enhance Cod Processing Facility

December 03, 2014
Quinlan Brothers Ltd. Receive $100,000 to Explore Energy Savings

November 21, 2014
Allen's Fisheries Receives Over $99,000 to Implement New Processing Technology

November 14, 2014
Mussel Farmers Receive $53,200 to Help Maintain Certifications

November 04, 2014
Bonavista OCI Plant Pursues Energy Savings with Provincial Government Support

October 10, 2014
Aquaculture Industry Receives more than $48,000 to Support Marketing Initiatives

September 24, 2014
Local Company Explores Economic Potential of Shell Waste with Provincial Government Support

September 17, 2014
Makkovik Fish Plant Explores Upgrades with Provincial Government Support

August 5, 2014
Shrimp Industry Produces Best Practices Booklet with $27,000 in Provincial Government Funding 

July 30, 2014
Codroy Seafoods Receives $100,000 to Enhance Lobster Operations

June 20, 2014
More than $18,000 Provided to Help Explore Opportunities in Bait Production  

January 24, 2014
More than $155,000 Provided to Help Processors Reduce Energy Costs  

January 16, 2014
Netukulimk Fisheries Limited Receives $15,342 to Pursue Vessel Efficiency

January 9, 2014
Barry Group Incorporated Explores International Markets with $22,980 from the Provincial Government

Fisheries Diversification Program (FDP)


The Fisheries Diversification Program was a $10 million program from the $81.25 million Canada-Newfoundland Agreement on the Economic Development, a Component of the Canadian Fisheries Adjustment and Restructuring Initiative. The program was announced in August, 1999 and ended on March 3, 2002. The main thrust of the FDP was industry-wide research and development, with demonstration initiatives.

The program reviewed 451 applications of which 145 were approved.

ComponentProjects ApprovedApproved Funds ($)
Emerging Fisheries Development464.2 million
Productivity and Product Enhancement412.1 million
Marketing Intelligence and Trade Development231.9 million
Environmental Awareness and Conservation Technology351.8 million
Totals14510.0 million

Available project summaries are posted here. They provide an overview of each project, including methodology and results.

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